Hiring Toolie for your next meeting is a good decision! Her humorous and engaging style motivates your audience as they discover the principles and practices that can improve their remote teams. Toolie is well-known and respected for her ability to translate managerial skills into remote leadership success.

Your meeting's success is Toolie's priority too. She can customize her programs to suit your audience. You can discuss a strategy for your meeting with Toolie who will help uncover and address your attendees' needs.

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Facinating Facts About Toolie

Here are some things you probably didn't know...

  • Toolie got her first computer job college when she volunteered to re-type into the mainframe a computer professor's program that had accidently been deleted. When confronted by fellow programmers who observed her logging into the terminal but didn't know who she was, she explained her task. Toolie was still hauled before the director of Data Services, who delivered a stern lecture on computer security.
  • Toolie has taken round-the-world trips 8 times. Her record for accumulating the greatest number of miles in the shortest period of time is 72,000 miles in 8 weeks.