Here are links to Toolie's photos, biography, and media for use with an upcoming program.


Right-click on the desired link at right to download the file. Custom sizes are available on request.

Use in Email and Online Use for Printed Materials
Low-resolution - small
(200px by 300px at 144 ppi)
High-resolution ~ small
(2 in. by 3 in. at 300 dpi)
Low-resolution ~ medium
(300px by 450px at 144 ppi)
High-resolution ~ medium
(5 in. by 7 in. at 300 dpi)
Low-resolution ~ large(
500px by 750px at 144 ppi)
High-resolution ~ large
(8 in. by 10 in. at 300 dpi)


The biography shown at right should be used as an introduction at the beginning of Toolie's programs. Right-click to download the PDF. 

A/V Setup

The A/V and Room Setup shown at right provides general instructions for in-person presentations. Right-click to download the PDF.