Toolie as ConsultantToolie's consulting company is Remote Leadership Success, a practice dedicated to helping C-Suite and other corporate leaders transition their companies from remote reluctance to remote leadership success. She also provides 1-on-1 advisory consulting for individuals, a group mentorship program for executives and managers, and overall corporate advisory consulting. 

Remote working has officially become a normalized way of working for corporate office staff. Forward-thinking companies are realizing that we're not going to be able to just return to the way things were before the pandemic. Rather than resisting this shift, company leaders are examining their options for changing the way the company works, increasing productivity, performance, and profits. 

RLS Group Mentorship

This online group mentorship is for executives and mid-level managers who want to establish a remote workforce that is as productive as they are on-site. Participants learn methods for getting your teams under control, ensuring that the work is getting done, and that your employees are engaged and well-motivated. Our confidential, online group meetings provide a confidential, closed-door environment for exchanging ideas, discussing individual situations, solving problems, and sharing progress.

RLS Executive Advisory 1-on-1

C-Suite executives and mid-level leaders can benefit from a private, one-on-one mentorship that helps you become a more confident, informed leader of engaged and productive remote workers. We discuss your existing work challenges, stabilize your remote workforce, help you manage based on KPIs that take remote work into account, and discuss how to motivate workers who are out of sight but not out of mind.

RLS Advisory Consulting for Corporations

Companies that require more direct assistance with establishing a high-performing remote workforce may prefer our advisory consulting package. Clients typically ask us to work with managers, front-line employees, human resources, and executives. We offer a comprehensive suite of organizational leadership and and individual consulting so that your company receives the most direct and applicable help. Our work together is entirely customized to your particular situation. Our approach helps you increase productivity, reward performance, positively motivate workers, and level or reduce costs.

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Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Toolie on a sprawling, multi-region effort at our company, and her leadership was pivotal to the successful outcomes of the project. At critical junctures where despair was about to set in, it was the greatest relief to find that Toolie had anticipated some scenario, and already had the tools to allow a clean resolution and to enable progress in the project. I couldn’t imagine our success without Toolie.

-- K. Madden, Exec. Director of Media and Ecommerce

Toolie is amazing; she has a mastery of finding the right balance of working with people to get results, and being empathetic about competing priorities across teams and locations. She was instrumental in helping to pull together the practice and training for multiple teams for our multi-region effort. Toolie is smart, friendly, and strategic. She’s a ray of light, and any company would be lucky to have her on their side. 

-- K. Johnson, Director of Content Marketing


National Speakers Association – 20-Year Professional Member, Past Chapter President, and National Leadership Team Member

Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner –

State of California – Community College Lifetime Instructor Credential # 369747

Masters Degree - California State University, Fullerton

Bachelors Degree - Wheaton College, Wheaton IL