Toolie is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. She joined the organization in 2001, and began giving back in 2004 through her chapter leadership and her highly-rated presentations at the organization's National and Chapter events. Her peers have repeatedly invited her to deliver technology sessions on topics such as Web 2.0, websites, blogs, podcasting, social media, and Internet Marketing. See a list of recent talks at the bottom of this page.

Chapter Programs

Toolie has a number of programs available that are suitable for NSA Chapters with a variety of durations. Also if your Chapter has a particular need, Toolie can adapt her existing presentations to match. Click here to learn more.


As a Past Chapter President (Seattle 2006-2007), Toolie is keenly aware of the challenges facing Chapters in these economic times. Toolie can deliver a fundraising event for your NSA Chapter that improves not only your chapter's bottom line, but also your atteedees' businesses. Click here to learn more.

Recent NSA Presentations

Practical Podcasting for Professional Speakers

Is it worth investing the time, effort and equipment to create podcasts to promote your speaking business? Toolie says yes! In this session she'll explain step-by-step the practical and technical aspects of planning the content and scheduling the podcasts, demonstrate the equipment used to create audio segments, and show you how to upload and distribute your podcasts from your blogs and/or Web site. Toolie will also cover other outlets for your podcasts in addition to hosting the audio on your own site, as well as ways to acquire subscribers. You will understand the practical aspects of creating and editing audio; learn how to plan content and determine a release schedule; learn the options for hosting podcasts on your blogs and Web sites, as well as other outlets for the content.

Demystifying HTML, CSS and Websites: How You Can Maintain Web Content With or Without a Web Designer

Are you tired of waiting for your Web designer to update the small stuff? Are you ready to get a hold of that website of yours? It's YOUR website after all. You can learn the essentials of HTML and websites in about an hour. The time you'll spend in this session will change the way forever the you work with your site and your Web designer! Bring your laptop and be ready to follow along! You will (1) understand how to construct and read an HTML page (2) understand stylesheets and how to match them to your other marketing materials, and (3) understand a variety of website options, how to navigate and maintain a website and when to call a web professional for help.

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