A talented presenter, Toolie knows how to explain technology in simple language, while engaging audiences with her humor and relaxed style. Participants in her workshops rave about her patient, thoughtful delivery and her no-nonsense approach to solving problems. Toolie is accessible and easy to understand, and her content is backed by the knowledge and experience acquired from 30 years in the computer industry. Her international speaking experience gives her a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, the Internet economy, and global opportunities.

A 10-year veteran of Microsoft Corporation, Toolie was selected by them to deliver presentations worldwide (see list) at some of the biggest conferences in the software industry. She spoke on Windows, software development, database development, and small/medium business marketing. Toolie consulted with Microsoft's major clients on new technologies, wrote technical documentation, and co-authored a book on database programming, published by Microsoft Press.

After leaving Microsoft in 2003, Toolie turned her attention to the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to conduct business over the Internet. In her workshops, webinars, and online training, Toolie helps them develop skills that enable them to create and manage websites and blogs, create information products, and market themselves online.

Toolie delivers value to your audiences. She shows business owners how to connect with the clients and customers who need them through her valuable, content-rich, articulate speeches, seminars, and events.

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